Never Miss a Rent Payment Ever Again!

Tenants Pay Rent in affordable and manageable instalments, Landlords get guaranteed rent, Access rent financing and more.

Rent is a significant burden to most renters.​

Rent Beta

And it’s mainly because our Landlords require and expect us to pay rent in one Lumpsum Payment. Which doesn’t make sense given that most of us don’t really earn our incomes that way.

for Tenants

Simplify your renting experience

No more Uncomfortable phone calls from your landlord. You can now take charge of your whole renting Experience. No more late Rent payments.

  • Pay your rent the way you earn your money. In this economy, you likely don’t earn all your income only once a month. You probably have a business where you earn or transact daily, or you earn from side gigs, deals and tips. Why stress over rent when everyday you can make a small payment on it.
  • Pay rent Online, anytime, from any device with flexible, affordable instalment payment.
  • Money still stuck somewhere? RentBeta gives you access to low interest, no collateral rent top-ups to finance your rent payment.
  • Pay Utility Bills, Order groceries, communicate with neighbors, and more, all from the same app.
  • Get rewarded for recommending your landlord to us and other Perks.

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for landlords

Simplify your Life

Time is money. Automate tedious tasks like finding tenants, rent collection, rent reminders, receipts, tenancy agreements, screening tenants, late rent enforcement, maintenance and repairs. 

With RentBeta you will always Collect Rent on time!. Every time.

Run your property with confidence with the all-in-one RentBeta Property Management App, with integrated smart locks for stubborn tenants, and easy tenant communication tools.

No more picking up cash or checks, or trips to the bank for statements. Our property management software can handle it all, so you don’t have to.

Whether you have one property or a thousand properties we can surely make your work easier.

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Every Space Count

the rent experience you deserve

Why Choose Us

Timely Rent Payments

We provide Easy Online Rent Payment Options that benefit both the landlords and Tenants. We are soon Launching Rent Top-ups feature to guarantee timely payments.

Stay Safe and Secure

Learn more about potential tenants with a complete renter profile and history.
For Tenants, have the confidence that you are paying the right landlord.

Smarts Locks

Our platform has smart lock integrations. You can easily remotely lock the door of that tenant who has spent months without paying.

Maintenance Requests

RentBeta’s repair coordination team manages tenant requests around the clock for you. Tenants submit maintenance requests, we do the work, you track progress.

Property Listings

Digitize your tenant journey with a tenant portal & mobile app that allows people to view vacant properties, schedule visits & book desired properties.

Increase property revenue.

Our technology reduces costs, drives property efficiency, and tenant experience and increases resident renewals. We have best-in-class tools to save landlords time and money



What Our Customers say;

We Create the best renting experience for Landlords and tenants. Thousands of landlords and renters use and love our services

“My landlord was always on my case. I couldn’t manage to explain to him that my payments are delayed. Even if it was for just one day, they would look up my shop. I started using RentBeta to be in position to deposit some little money everyday towards my rent, and now before the month ends I find that I have already raised all my rent without any stress.”

Mr. Muwonge S
“RentBeta is a God sent! The best property management software for
real-estate investors and entrepreneurs! I travel a lot for business, and I can manage my units from anywhere in the world. Setup is easy for landlords and tenants and customer support is top-notch whenever there are problems. If you are looking for a great way to manage your rentals, I would highly recommend RentBeta”

John J.
” I used to pay my landlord by cash every month, and sometimes I had to travel to deliver the cash and get a receipt, but now paying my rent has never been easier! I set up automatic payments to ensure I paid on time”

Sarah T.

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